Islandwood Chicken Francaise

Our Chicken Francaise recipe should produce 4 servings. If Fleetwood shows up however - all bets are off.


- 6 skinless chicken breasts
- 1 egg
- juice of 2 lemons
- 2 tablespoons butter
- 1 cup all purpose flour
- 1 can chicken broth (14.5 oz)
- 8 pieces grilled baby corn
- sliced carrot and white grape halves for garnish
- pinch garlic, pinch paprika, parsley flakes

A. Mix together beaten egg, plus half of lemon juice
B. Separately in a shallow dish, combine flour, garlic powder and paprika
C. Dip chicken breasts into egg mixture then into flour coating well
D. Over medium heat, melt butter and cook chicken until golden brown. Set aside.
E. Add more butter to pan and grill baby corn until browning and tender
F. In a mixing bowl combine the broth with the remainder of lemon juice
G. Pour over chicken and corn, and simmer in same pan over medium/low heat for 8 minutes
H. Serve immediately with carrot & grape garnish, and sprinkle with parsley

Great with a glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio!

Roland Livingston, Executive Chef, Islandwood C.C.

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