Taking a Ribbing

A fine finger-licker for the summer bar menu. We slow-cook pork ribs all summer long.


Dry rub- salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, mustard powder, brown sugar, cilantro leaves, dash cumin, chopped chive. All to taste. Rub ribs, and refrigerate overnight.

Celery and Carrot cored and stuffed with seasoned sour cream.


- Set outdoor grill to 275 degrees and arrange ribs in an upright position. (they sell inexpensive devices to do so)
- Cook for approximately 3 hours, basting with your unique choice of BBQ sauce etc. every half-hour.
- Remove from grill, cover and let settle for 15 minutes. Serve with accompanying prepared garnishes.

Serve 5 ribs per member/guest. Ask for extra cloth napkins!...

Roland Livingston, Executive Chef, Islandwood Country Club

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